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10 Toppings to Spiff Up Your Corn on the Cob

There's almost nothing better than corn on the cob, especially when it's Casey Morgan's sweet corn. But if you're looking to add a little something special to your next dinner or cookout, we can point you in the right direction. Enjoy this roundup of some of our favorite ideas and recipes for adding a little *oomph* to your sweet corn on the cob.

1. Hot Honey & Peanuts - This is our dream combination. A little sweet, a little heat, and a little salt make for an irresistible cob. (Food Network

    2. Elote Mexican Street Corn - Take your sweet corn to the street with this recipe. (Delish

      3. Herbed Butter - Butter is better, but take yours up a notch with some added herbs. (Food Network

        4. Olive Oil & Parmesan - Elevate the traditional toppings with a Mediterranean twist. (Fit Foodie Finds

          5. Bacon & Basil - When in doubt, bacon! But seriously, adding basil and bacon to your sweet corn sounds like a mic-drop move. (The Kitchn

            6. Cinnamon & Sugar - We like it sweet. But do you like it sweeter? Consider topping your Casey Morgan’s sweet corn with butter, cinnamon, and sugar for an extra sweet treat. (Baked by Rachel

              7. Harissa Butter - Take your table to Tunisia by adding a little of this hot chili pepper paste. (Food Network)  

                8. Scallion & Cream Cheese - Add some aromatic creaminess to your sweet corn with this drool-worthy idea. (Food Network

                  9. Greek Yogurt & Feta Cheese - Take that sweet corn on a Mediterranean cruise. (Fit Foodie Finds

                    10. Old Bay & Lemon - Make it a seafood boil without the seafood. (NYT Cooking)

                      Hand holding partially shucked sweet corn in front of a brightly colored painted wall