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How to Store Your Sweet Corn

You're here because you know there's nothing better than corn fresh from the farm. But you can only eat so much Casey Morgan's sweet corn in a day! Read on to learn how to store your sweet corn so it stays as fresh and flavorful as possible - and how to extend the life of your sweet corn even longer!


There's a reason your Casey Morgan's sweet corn ships with freezer packs! Sweet corn is best when kept at refrigerated temperatures. So scoot over, long-forgotten bag of spring mix. The sweet corn's coming in!

  • Keep that corn husked! That gorgeous green husk locks in the corn's moisture and flavor. As corn dries out, its natural sugars begin turning starchy. 
  • Wrap it up! Exposing your sweet corn to air speeds up the sugar-to-starch process, so it's keep your ears in a plastic bag or wrapped individually.
  • When stored properly, Casey Morgan's sweet corn will last for up to 7-10 days in your refrigerator. Maybe more!


We wish we could get Casey Morgan's sweet corn right off the farm all year round, but we'll have to keep dreaming. In good news, though, you can store sweet corn in your freezer to enjoy between harvest seasons! 

  • Blanch it first. This extra step will help to minimize any changes in texture caused by the freezing process, and will lock in that farm fresh flavor.
  • Freeze it by the ear! Wrap each cob in plastic wrap and tuck them into a freezer bag. 
  • Off the cob works too. After blanching, cut the kernels off and dump them into freezer bags.
  • Casey Morgan's sweet corn will last in your freezer for up to 12 months - or at least until our next harvest!

How to Blanch Your Sweet Corn

Just a few quick steps will get your corn ready its long nap in your freezer!

  1. Boil a pot of water - the biggest pot you have!
  2. Shuck your ears and drop them right in. 
  3. After two and a half minutes, scoop out those gorgeous ears and shock them in a bow of ice cold water.

a pile of shucked sweet corn