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Tips & Tricks for the Sweetest Corn Experience

You got your delivery of sweet corn, and now you get to dive into the good part - eating it! Here are some quick tips, tricks, and kitchen hacks to make your Casey Morgan's journey as sweet as possible. 

  1. Store your sweet corn in the fridge. Leave that husk on, wrap it up, and tuck it in. Your corn will last 7-10 days in the fridge, or maybe more! (Read more about corn storage.)
  2. Freeze the whole cob! Give your ears a quick blanch, then stow them away in the freezer. They'll last up to 12 months so you can keep enjoying Casey Morgan's sweet corn until the next harvest season. (Read more about corn storage.)
  3. Or freeze the kernels. After blanching, cut the corn off the cob and put it in freezer bags for easy-to-use sweet corn at your fingertips. (Read more about corn storage.)
  4. Use a vegetable scrub brush to take care of that soft, wispy corn silk.
  5. Or try a rubber band! Put a rubber band around your hand and rub it up and down the cob. The rubber band grabs all the corn silk and leaves your cob ready to cook.
  6. Want corn OFF the cob? Easy. Rest your ear of corn in the middle of a bundt pan and use a knife to slice downward. All the kernels will fall neatly into the bundt pan - no scooping up piles from a cutting board or counter. 
  7. Worried about scratching that bundt? You can protect your pans and use the same technique by inverting a small bowl inside a larger one. 
  8. Try it canned! Whether you've got a pressure canner or take the trusted water bath route, canning your sweet corn will keep it fresh and tasty until our next harvest season. (Better Homes & Gardens)
  9. Don't toss those cobs! Sweet corn cobs can be used to make soup stock, in other recipes like sweet corn ice cream, or tossed on the fire as you grill to impart a sweet, smoky flavor to whatever's cooking.
bowl of corn and zucchini salad